do you take OC chars?
─ Anonymous


promo for promo? :)

sure! check em out guys!

Bella here.

Ashley Griffin|open|FC:Megan Fox.

Ashleys middle name might as well just be kinky. That’s the kind of stuff she’s into. As of now, she’s not one to settle down. Not that someone won’t be able to change that though. She gets along with a lot of people and is usually just a girl being used for sex. Although there is one guy looking to change that.

adding some characters


I know the bios are simple now

gonna be even more simple

accepted, send in the account asap!

OC band whore: 
OOC name and age: Jenna | 16
Character name and face: Bella Lox, Tiffany Mays
activity level: high.
Bio: removed for privacy
anything else? lolnope

would anyone join in a started a titanic roleplay?

 l o l 

not seriously doing it but i mean i’ve always been like uhg